Due to the overwhelming number of people who have inquired about adopting a Texas puppy, we have implemented a fair and systematic process for the adoption of the available puppies.  Depending on the number of potential adopters, it could take up to 2 hours complete the process so please allow adequate time for our staff to properly assist you. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


  • All of the puppies are mixed breed. The recorded breeds include Chihuahua, Cur, German Shepherd, Labrador, Terrier, Cattle Dog, and several others. We do not always know the parent’s pedigree and it can be based on visual, physical, and behavioral observations.  None of the puppies are of the "non-shedding" variety. 

  • Puppies under 1 year cost $212. This includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, heartworm test, and the dog license. Dogs over 1 year are $137 and include the same services. 

  • Puppies will be coming in from foster homes each week in small groups. They will have their spay/neuter surgery and be medically cleared for adoption.  The pups should be available for adoption starting each Friday. 

  • Pictures of the pups that will be available that week on our Facebook page. This is the only location that pictures will be posted.

  • No applications will be accepted on-line. Pups cannot be reserved or held. They will be available on a first come, first serve basis and you must physically come into the shelter.  If there is a specific puppy that you have your heart set on, you will need to come to the shelter, get in line, and wait your turn to see if the pup is available.  There is no guarantee that you will get a specific puppy. 

  • If you have other dogs in your home, you must do a meet-and-greet with all of the dogs and the new puppy. We will not hold a puppy while you go home to get your dogs. If you are serious about a specific puppy, we suggest you bring your dogs with you. As always, if it is a warm day, please plan accordingly for your current dogs so they do not go unattended in hot vehicles. 

  • Normal HSDC adoption procedures will continue to be enforced. This includes completion of an adoption application and discussion with an adoption counselor.  

The HSDC is very excited to help you throughout the adoption process and appreciate your support and patience.

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