Surrendering an Owned Dog

The Humane Society of Delaware County is a managed intake facility. This means that we control how animals come in to the shelter so we do not have to euthanize for length of stay or capacity issues. The management process depends on a waiting list to ensure fair and consistent treatment. You will get a call or email back within 2 weeks to request further information or give you an update regarding your status. We are not able to estimate how long it may take for us to have room as there are too many variables involved.

If you have a dog you want to surrender, please call the shelter at 740-369-7387 during open hours to have your name added to the surrender list. We will ask for the following information:

  • Owner’s name, phone number, email address, and county of residence

  • Where and when you got the dog and the reason for surrender

  • Dog’s name, estimated breed, color, age, sex, and if they are spayed/neutered

  • Any other relevant behavior or medical information (we will ask for medical records upon intake)


Please note that providing an email address will ensure a faster response! After your dog is added to our surrender list, you will be asked to email with a few current pictures and any additional information you’d like to provide about the dog.

The HSDC typically puts a significant amount of care and medical services toward each surrendered animal to ensure it is as healthy and adoptable as possible. We suggest a donation of $40 to surrender your dog, which is tax deductible. 

If you need to rehome your dog due to medical or behavioral issues, please contact us. We may be able to provide suggestions or resources to help you address the problem or keep your pet. When a dog is seriously injured or ill to the point that we would be unable to improve their quality of life, HSDC offers euthanasia services by appointment in our public clinic. Local clinics offer humane euthanasia as well. Please note that if a dog is aggressive to the point that our staff is unable to handle them safely and provide them with proper care, we will be unable to rehome the animal.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and need dog food assistance we can help you ensure your dog has proper nutrition. Please call or stop by the shelter to inquire about our White Shed Food Pantry.

If you are moving, review information from the following link. Moving your dog with your family may be a simpler than you think. 


Please remember it is against the law to abandon or dump an animal. Not to mention, it is very cruel. We appreciate your patience while we find room at our shelter to give this animal a second chance.

If you are unable to wait until we can help you, the Delaware County Dog Shelter has an open intake policy and will take your dog during open hours. Please contact the Dog Warden's office at 740-368-1915 for additional information.

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