Surrendering an Owned Dog

The Humane Society of Delaware County is a private 501c3 (not government-run or -funded). We are a managed intake facility. This means that we control how animals come in to the shelter so we do not have to euthanize for length of stay or overcrowding issues. The process depends on a waiting list to ensure fair and consistent treatment. We are not able to estimate how long it may take for us to have room as there are too many variables involved.

All intake exams MUST be scheduled ahead of time! No walk-ins can be accepted.

Please remember it is against the law to abandon or dump an animal. Not to mention, it is very cruel. We appreciate your patience while we find room at our shelter to give this animal a second chance.

If you have a dog you want to surrender:​


Fill out the Surrender Request Form. Completing this form is the first step in the process; it does NOT guarantee that we will be able to accept your animal.


We'll email back within 2 weeks.

When space is available, we will schedule an intake exam appointment (weekdays only).

If space isn't available yet, we will give you an update.

Unless anything changes on your end, there is no need to check in. We will get to requests ASAP.


After you get an email confirming a successful submission, send a few current pictures of the dog. 


At the intake exam appointment, we perform a quick medical and behavioral assessment.

If we are able to take the dog, we will complete intake paperwork during the same appointment.

If we are unable to take your dog, we will go over the reasons and what options or suggestions we have before you take the dog back.

If you are unable to submit the online form, email for assistance.


The HSDC typically puts a significant amount of care and medical services toward each surrendered animal to ensure it is as healthy and adoptable as possible. Once the intake exam is complete and your dog is cleared as appropriate for adoption through our facility, we suggest a tax-deductible surrender donation of $40.

Other Resources

HSDC may not always have the space or resources to rehome your dog in the time frame needed. The following information may help!

Rehoming by Owner

There are a number of options for safely rehoming your own animal through reputable sites.

Medical or Behavioral Issues

Email before filling out the surrender form above. Although we may not be the right fit for your dog, we may be able to provide suggestions or resources to help you address the problem or keep your pet.


When a dog is seriously injured or ill to the point that we would be unable to improve their quality of life, HSDC offers euthanasia services by appointment in our public clinic. Local clinics offer humane euthanasia as well. Please note that if a dog is aggressive to the point that our staff is unable to handle them safely and provide them with proper care, we will be unable to rehome the animal.


Financial Difficulties

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and need dog food assistance we can help you ensure your dog has proper nutrition. Please call the front desk to inquire about our White Shed Food Pantry.



Moving your dog along with the rest of your family may be a simpler than you think. Review the following information for tips on including your dog in the move.

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