Surrendering Other Animals


We do operate off a waiting list for pocket pets like rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, etc.  Please call the front desk to be placed on the wait list at 740-369-7387.


Plesae call ahead to discuss you surrendering options.  Please do not bring your pet to our shelter unless we have arranged your pre-scheduled surrender appointment.  The only exception is for injured stray animals.  We can only accept animals from Delaware County into our adoption program.



• A surrender donation fee will be requested based on the type of animal and if cages and supplies are donated with the animal(s). These surrender donation fees range on average of $25.

• All non-traditional animals must be domesticated and people-friendly.

• Animals must be healthy, or have a medical condition HSDC can treat.

• When possible, provide the cage, food supplies, bedding, etc... (We often adopt out these types of animals with their full set-up.) If you have a non-traditional pet you would like to surrender to HSDC, please call us at (740) 369-7387



Types of NON-TRADITIONAL ANIMALS we may accept include:


• Hamsters • Guinea Pigs • Ferrets • Birds • Certain amphibians or reptiles • Exotic pets as permitted by the law


• Pot-bellied pigs, horses, and barnyard animals - please contact our Horse Rescue Program Coordinator at


• NOTE: If you have a large (or dangerous) exotic animal, please contact us to discuss relocation opportunities as provided by the new Exotics Laws

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