Surrendering an Animal



We look forward to the day when there are more homes than homeless pets, and our shelter is not over-filled with animals. Until then, we ask you to honor our “waiting list surrender program” so we may continue operating as a shelter that does not have to euthanize for space or length of stay. Although we regretfully cannot accept your pet immediately into our adoption program, please view our surrendering process and alternative options listed below.


If you need pet food assistance or advice on resolving a problem with your pet, please call our shelter at (740) 369-7387 or send a detailed email to


Please do not bring your pet or stray animal to our shelter until we have arranged your pre-scheduled surrender appointment.  


We can only accept Delaware County cats into our shelter.  Thank you for your patience and understanding



Please select the option that best describes your surrender situation for suggestions and resources:



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