Seniors for Seniors

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened"

- Antole France


In an effort to promote our mission of supporting the human-animal bond, we recognize the benefits of matching senior animals (8 years +) with senior citizens

(55 years +) in our community.

Senior pets offer many perks:

  • Personality is established-what you see is what you get!

  • Need less exercise

  • Less of a long term commitment 

Senior pets are often overlooked in a shelter setting where younger, more exuberant animals catch adopters eyes.  To try and give senior pets a competitive advantage, we are offering these marvelous companions at a reduced adoption fee.  Please see below for senior to senior pricing.

DOGS >8 years: $65 (+ $12 dog license)

CATS  >8 years: $15


Holt came to us with several cat-mates (Onyx, Faith & Weasley). Holt did suffer from some allergies that left her skin a bit dry and itchy and the fur patchy. However with fleas under control and nutritious food, her fur coat is looking much better already. Holt is a friendly cat; (you will find Holt, Faith, and Weasily in the cat room entryway). We would love to see Holt and Faith be adopted together, as they are very good buddies. Don't wait long to come and visit Holt, maybe bring a book to read her a story or two.

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