In honor 2016

Orrville (HSDC Alumni)
Chris Exley
Robin Sunderland
Jorge and Denise Rivera
Carol Emswiler, protector of barn cats
Leah Demain
Tashi & Shaman
Anna & Kate
Kate Lance
Nathan Myers
Faithful Charlie
Mia S
Tim and Kimlyn
Carole Howell
Jana Cassidy
Peggy Benziger
Amy Glendening
Kristy Wathen
Patrick Carson
Brian House, 5th Grade Teacher at Arrowhead Elementary and dad of two four-legged kids!
Toni Gundling
RIchard Durham
Izzy Eggert
Beth Sutor and the Seldom Seen Acres Condo Association
Mr. Theodore Burson - 4th Grade Teacher Extraordinaire!
Lucy Seyler

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