Youth Group Tours

Do you have a girl or boy scout troop, organization, church, or class group you would like to bring in for a shelter visit?

Scheduling a group visit is a great way to educate our youth and strengthen community ties. We welcome the chance to show your group what we do at HSDC. School groups and youth organizations have visited the HSDC as community service projects. They’ve also done some pretty cool group projects for the shelter. We think these youth groups are wonderful and we enjoy their enthusiasm when they visit. Schools have held very successful fundraisers on our behalf and the HSDC appreciates all their efforts! We look forward to giving your group a behind-the-scenes tour and the history of our building.


Due to our overall mission and the size of our facility, we can only welcome up to 20 visitors at a time. If your group is larger, please schedule several visits and bring at most 20 individuals at each visit. When scheduling your group, please include in your count any of the following: members, siblings, parents, grandparents and anyone else who decides they want to join the group for our shelter tour (which must be 20 guests or less on each day your group is here.).


Our tour guides will wait up to 15 minutes past the scheduled time to begin your tour, but at that time, the tour will begin regardless of whether all attendees have arrived. When the tour of the facility and animal visitation time starts, your group may be broken up into small groups so we don’t overwhelm our animals.


If you would like to schedule a group tour, please call our group tour coordinator:  June Carter at 614.313.1629

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