Euthanasia Services



HSDC offers humane euthanasia services to pet owners who need to end their pet’s suffering. To ensure we have trained staff available to assist with this request, we offer euthanasia services on Tuesdays during our Wellness & Vaccination Clinic from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. (We suggest checking our Wellness Clinic page for any schedule changes prior to arriving.) Should you need to make immediate arrangements, you will need to contact your own veterinarian or an emergency veterinary clinic.


Pet Euthanasia Service Fees


Pet Weight          Euthanasia Fee                   Euthansia Fee +                                     Euthanasia Fee +

                        Ashes not returned         Ashes Returned in Tin Box         Ashes Returned in Cherry Wood Box

0-5 lbs                         $30                                        $45                                                             $70                                                                              

6-25 lbs                       $30                                        $70                                                             $90

26-50 lbs                     $40                                        $90                                                           $110

51-75 lbs                     $45                                      $110                                                           $130   

76-99 lbs                     $45                                      $130                                                           $145

100-150 lbs                 $60                                      $145                                                           $165

Over 150#                   $80                                      $160                                                           $190


*Sedation is available if needed- Price varies depending on size of pet

Cremation services are provided by Pet Cremation Services, Inc.  Unclaimed ashes are spread throughout a nature preserve at Pet Cremation Services. If you prefer to have your pet’s remains returned to you (for the additional fee listed above) Pet Cremation Services will return your pet’s ashes in the container of your choice.  The cherry box urns come with a name plate atop.



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