In Honor 2019

Wedding of Christopher and Joe Betts
Happy 10th year adoption day Bob Gray
Sassy, Kendell and Kaylee
Karen McGugin
Felix Hallenbeck
Ethan Baxter's Birthday
Nina Maria on National Pet Day
Allison Trimble
Barbara Brady
Jason and Kim Woodward's dog
Anna McNamara
Margo Bartlett
Lindsey Owen
Tina DeCesare
Cissy McCreary- Such a big helper
Happy Birthday Briona!
Jackie Walker-Happy Retirement!
Cissy McCreary-Who is such a big helper!
Nellie Fregonas
Joan Thompson
Michele Maxson
Kylee Edwards Birthday!
Meredith Seif
Shari Russell
Louise Stanton's Birthday and her cat Zoe!
Forrest and Virginia Colegrove
Larry Lieberts' Birthday!
Kimlyn Queen
Happy Birthday Bridget Haughnazavi!
Mary McLaughlin
Albert Hupp
Ron and Julie Partlow
Craig Thompson's siblings
Nellie Fregonas
Daisy the calico cat
Larry Liebert's Birthday!
Kristie Holliday
Sophie-Belle and Beatrice-Louise
Aaron, Rana, Mason and Parker
The Kretchmars
Chibbles; his loving family
Sophie(adopted cat)
Eddie, our beloved Cavapoo
Honey and Gigi
Dr. Michael Stretanski
Elvis Hanna
Sharon Boyce
Anna Cunningham
Tucker (Tyson)
The Fink Family
Alex Bork
Diane Lobody
Allison Rhule and her unrelenting love & care of the animals at HSDC
Lucy - Adopted from HSDC in 2014
Molly, Greta, Dakota and Masen
Allison Lammert
Caden Hedrick's Birthday!
Zac Hostutler's 8th Birthday!
Anna's 11th Birthday!
Katy Zappia
Olive "Ollie"
Jessica Sheppard
Cissy McCreary
Felix Hallenbeck
Mrs. McDonough-Teacher Appreciation
Vern Toyzer
Brayden Shaw's birthday
Jackie Walker
Mandy Rafter
Jameson Hall's Birthday!
Elizabeth's Birthday!
Steve Kraus
Kay Olewnik to all my adopted, inherited fur babies past, present, and future.
Robert & Lauren's Wedding
Ashley & Kit's Wedding
Bosco and Millie
Cooper Patrick
Lizbeth Carlson
Ashley C.
Porter Boose's Birthday
Rick and Mary Rikhoff
Firecracker, Lou, Mocha, and Latte
Wayne Brennessel
Kenzie Garee
Angela Harvey
Sharon Doyle
Sherry Yoakam
Susan Robinson
Richard Curtis
Maddy and Stanley
John Beckley
Norman The Kitty
Our dog Amy
Sassy, Kendell & Kaylee
Paul & Tulip Pearlman
Paula Burger
Lady Grimes (Anna)
The LaFleur Family
William "Billy" DiTomassi
Eric McElahtten
Laura, Graham & Connor
Larry Hall

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