In Honor 2018

Emerson Wejman
Happy Birthday Brenda Doyle!
Carol G. Hallenbeck
Terri Hill
Happy Birthday Caitlin Johnson!
Nicolas's 9th Birthday!
Valerie Hamill's Birthday!
Chris and Joe's Wedding celebration
Oliver Ratcliff's Birthday
Happy 11th Birthday Natalie Mathis!
"Sammie" Case
Nina Maria
"Roxie" King
The Farber/Bell Family
Ron and Julie Partlow
Happy Birthday
Carol Clinton!
Friends &Family of Taylor and Calvin Turner
Kristy Walthen
"Max" Leaver
Mark Salsbury
"Diva" Prather
Merry Christmas Claire Laubacher!
Richard Curtis
Happy 40th Birthday Erin Gavula!
Geoff and Michelle Peterson
Richard Curtis
Vikki Zaremski
Melanie Robertson
Happy 40th Birthday Erin Gavula!
Craig's Siblings: Jodie, Mindy, and Todd
Thor Zardus
Lauren Metzger
Lula's 93rd Birthday
Happy Birthday Seth Richards!
William Hubek
Jaxson Rosselli
Max Cobler's 13th Birthday!
Happy Birthday Louise Stanton!
Dave Kaelin
"Zues" Bove
Lou and Firecracker
Happy Holidays
Christina Harris
Claude Thomas
"Ryker" Loncaric- Rescued 2 years ago.
Debbie and Kent Koller
Happy Birthday Erin Gavula!
Caryn Lavere
Bubba and Queenie
Camp Canine
Brian and Angie Mally and their rescue
The Quists Family
Carolyn Eberly
Craig's siblings: Jodie, Mindy and Todd
Karla Jacobs and Jeanette Adair
Geoff and Michelle Peterson
The Quists

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