Board Members

Megan Ricci, President        


Tim Dop, Vice President

Kristy Wathen, Treasurer


Mark Tingley, Secretary


Carrie Kaelin

Anna Cunningham

General correspondence may be addressed to the Board of Directors at the following e-mail address: 

Board Meeting Information


The Humane Society of Delaware County (HSDC) Board of Directors (Board) meet on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Meeting dates for November and December are subject to change based on the proximity to observance of nationally recognized holidays. Revised meeting dates for November and December will be posted to this site when set by the Board. All meetings are assumed to be held at the shelter. In rare cases where an off-site venue is required for a Board meeting, a notice will be posted on this site. 

August 2019 Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 20th at 6:30 PM

November 2019 Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 19th at 6:30 PM

December 2019 Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 17th at 6:30 PM

Inclement Weather

If Delaware County is under a level 2 weather alert or higher, the Board meeting will not be held that month. Notice will be placed on the HSDC facebook page as quickly as possible. 

Board Meeting Format

Each Board meeting is dvided into two parts: the HSDC Board meeting and the Executive session.

The HSDC Board meeting begins with a community forum session (limited to a total of 30 minutes) starting promptly at 6:30 PM, followed immediately by the board meeting. The community forum is an opportunity for the general public, volunteers, or staff members to speak directly to the Board of Directors. Each speaker is allowed 5 (five) minutes to speak including dialogue between the speaker and board members. A maximum of 6 (six) speakers will be allowed each month due to time constraints. The board meeting will immediately follow the conclusion of the community forum, or in cases where there is no interest in the community forum the board meeting will begin promptly at 6:30 PM. The Board will discuss any new business items during the Executive session at the conclusion of the board meeting. 

If you are interested in speaking during the community forum, please e-mail the Vice President of the Board, Tim Dop at no less than 48 hours before the next scheduled board meeting to be considered for inclusion that month. Include at least the following information when making your request:

  • Name and affiliation to the shelter (community member, volunteer, or staff member).

  • Number of people who plan to attend with you (Note: Each of these individuals are considered non-speakers unless they have separately requested permission to speak).

  • Topic of discussion (Why are you coming to speak to the Board?)

  • Any new business or action items that may require further discussion by the Board

  • If the new business or action item discussed is related to the general operation of the shelter, please confirm that you have spoken with the Executive Director prior to the board meeting. 

The HSDC board meeting is open to the public and any attendees from the community forum that wish to stay. ​

The Executive session is a closed session that includes only the Board of Directors and the HSDC Executive Director. On occassion, community members, volunteers, or staff members may be asked to attend a portion of the executive session but those cases will be by invitation only. The Executive session will begin after the Board meeting adjourns. 

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