Adoption Fees & Policies




Adoption Fees




 Puppy (under 1 yr)    Adult Dog          Adult Cats                 Kittens (under 1 yr)  












       $250.00                                   $150.00                                        $60.00                                            $85.00


    +$12 license fee                  + $12 license fee      

You can purchase a Delaware County Dog License at the shelter during our open hours. The fee is $12 for a new pet or puppy. If you are late purchasing, there is an additional $12 late fee (all fees are County designated, not HSDC). Please bring cash or check for this purchase, we do not accept credit cards for license processing. 

“Persons and Pets with Experience” Adoptions: If you are 55 years or older, you will receive $10 off the adoption fee. 

All military personnel (with i.d.) will receive $10 off of the adoption fee.

All of our cats and dogs on the adoption floor have been spayed or neutered.  The dogs have been heartworm tested, microchipped, and are up to date on vaccinations.  Our cats have been tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, microchipped, and are up to date on vaccinations.


The adoption application can be downloaded below, you may email(, fax(740-363-0900) or drop off in person .  We do not place holds on animals. 





  Adoption Policies




We're so happy you are interested in adopting one of our fantastic pets.  Please read the following information carefully!


  • An adopter must be at least 21 years of age.

  • We DO NOT adopt out-of-state.

  • If the potential adopter rents, we will need a copy of the lease and pet policy, or a phone number for the leasing agent.

  • Current cats and dogs in the home MUST BE spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  We ask for a copy of vet records, or a phone number to contact your vet.

  • Any current dogs in the home must come to the shelter for a meet and greet with the new dog before an adoption can be approved.

  • We will not adopt out an animal to be kept as an outdoor pet.  If you are interested in an outdoor cat, please check out our Barn Cat Program.

  • HSDC has the right to decline or postpone any adoption based upon information provided on the application.  HSDC can also repossess any animal if false information is given. 

  • In making decisions about the placement of "our" animals, we are thinking not only of their welfare, but also of the well-being of the families who wish to adopt from us. We focus on making a good match between pets and owners, not simply making a sale, and sometimes means denying an adoption or requesting that families wait before adopting if they are moving to a new house, having a new baby, dealing with an older dog, or are expecting some other major transitions in the new future.

  • All dogs will need a collar/leash to leave the building and cats will need a carrier. If you do not have a cat carrier you may purchase a cardboard carrier at HSDC for $7. We will not allow animals to be carried out in your arms, for their safety and the safety of other guests. 

  • If you would like to purchase the dog's Martingale collar that it is wearing at HSDC, it will be an additional $15 to cover our cost.


  • We hope you appreciate our efforts to provide quality care to the thousands of animals who find their way to HSDC each year, and we can count on your support.




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