Surrendering Stray Cats

The HSDC will immediately receive a severely sick, injured, or a visibly pregnant cat Monday - Friday during regular business hours. Please contact the shelter if you need assistance with kittens of any age. The HSDC is not an open intake shelter and we will do our best to assist you as our capacity will allow. 


Please do not leave animals at our door during closed hours or on the weekend as it is against the law to abandon or dump an animal. 

Healthy Adult Cats

It is HSDC's priority to maintain the health and comfort of the adult cats currently in our care. Due to space limitations, HSDC accepts stray adult cats based on a wait list. You can call the shelter to be added to the wait list if you wish to surrender an adult cat. We are NOT an open intake shelter to avoid euthanizing animals for space.  

Other Alternatives


If you are waiting to surrender a stray cat that wandered to your home, here are some alternatives that may help - 


1. FILE A FOUND REPORT.  The owner may be looking for their cat. Immediately try to search for its owner.

  • Immediately file a FOUND CAT report on Pet FBI. Please upload a picture if at all possible. It is very important!  

  • Search the MISSING PET page on Pet FBI. 

  • Search our online LOST & FOUND CAT DATABASE 

  • Check for a microchip (Veterinarian clinics, HSDC, and the Delaware County Dog Warden all have microchip scanners.)


2. REDUCED COST TO SPAY or NEUTER: We can arrange to have this cat spayed or neutered for a reduced cost so it does not reproduce while waiting to enter our shelter. Please contact the office to schedule this surgery by calling (740) 369-7387 or emailing


3. WAITING LIST: While you are searching for the owner (and PLEASE make the effort to file a FOUND REPORT), call us to be placed on the surrender waiting list. (740) 369-7387


4. FOOD ASSISTANCE: If you are experiencing financial difficulties and need pet food assistance during your wait, please contact us.


WAITING LIST: We operate from a waiting list because HSDC is a “Limited Intake Shelter.” This means a surrendered pet is NOT at risk of being euthanized (”put down/put to sleep”) for space just because a new animal arrives and needs its cage. While it may take a few months for us to call you, we eventually will have room for the stray cat. Once here, the cat will be given every chance to be adopted providing it remains healthy and happy. (Some animals cannot adjust to shelter life.)


INTAKE RESTRICTIONS: If the cat is aggressive, or seriously ill, we will not be able to re-home the animal. Older animals (over the age of 8) historically do not do well in shelters, so if the cat is this age, you may want to consider other alternatives.  If the stray animal is seriously ill or in extreme pain that cannot be resolved, we do offer humane euthanasia services. Please contact us immediately.

HSDC SURRENDER FEES (tax-deductible): $25 suggested surrender fee. Please remember it is against the law to abandon or dump an animal.  We appreciate your patience while we find room at our shelter to give this animal a second chance.


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